Friday, 31 October 2014

Great Scott - Price Drop on Amazon

Vivobarefoot Scott firesale?

Half price (£60 at time of writing) so what do I do? Buy two pairs of course!

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Then Again, Who Does?

The domain has been secured for 10 years.

Origami inspired mascot, Philip K. Deer
So what?

I was looking for free custom domain email hosting because, you know, startups don't have any money. And startup Deer Studios is the first movie studio to embrace the AirNinja Movie Method (exciting!)

It used to be that both Google and Microsoft would allow hosting of your own domain for email, free. No longer. And my domain registrar's basic level of free service, whilst robust and reliable, is not feature packed unless you wanna cough up.

Fortunately, my registrar has an easy to use DNS control panel and DuckDuckGo led me to Zoho for hosting email on the domain - for free. Awesome! Even more awesome was it all took less than one hour to have up and running.

So what? Zoho, that's what.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

And So Post Begins

Live action Sexton Lovecraft? It's coming. In one form or another but definitely a taste of live action Sexton.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

10 Things I Learned During Production of "Sexton Lovecraft Investigates" (working title)

Shooting wrapped early Friday morning of 10th October 2014. We shot nights. Some lessons were learned, some other things are just obvious.

In no particular order:

1. Your actor will thank you for flying them British Airways (other premium airlines are available).

2. Shooting 24fps will give your DP an extra stop to play with.

3. It's now painfully obvious to me where the delineation of shooting 1st and 2nd unit should be.

4. The Tiny Monster TM26 is amazingly versatile and agile.

5. It's fun playing the monster.

6. Treacle is great for visual effects. Tate & Lyle recommended.

7. A £4 halloween mask from Asda can be lit into a disturbing visual.

8. Art design raises production values as much as any other discipline.

9. White clown facepaint is great for monster make-up.

10. Smoke pellets can be as visually effective as a smoke machine.

Can't wait to sync up and edit this mofo!

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

iPhone 6 Plus multi-purpose iPhoneographer's wallet case, errrr kind of

Okay, so at time of writing Pack & Smooch do not do a wallet case for iPhone 6 Plus. Even if they did, using the current design with the stitched seams it would just be too wide for my pockets and taste.

I have kind of cobbled something just as functional and high-quality from a German made fitBAG case and some anonymous CardNinja type holder found on

I compare my solution with my original iPhone 5 and 5s Pack & Smooch case in the video below.

What I like about these wallet pouches for iPhone is two-fold:

1. I can ditch my wallet and carry my cards with my phone. (NFC not ubiquitous here in the UK, but I'll be ready when it is!)

2. Each time I put the phone in or out of the pouch, not only the screen but the camera lens gets a good clean too!

These are my affiliate links to get the fitBAG and the credit card holder from -