Friday, 12 December 2014

Deer Studios Embraces AirNinja Movie Method

Another quick update. The slate for the recently established Deer Studios looks something like this:

1. Sexton Lovecraft and the New Sensation (promo in post-production as part of larger campaign to launch the new live-action franchise with the same actor who did the cartoon voice)

2. Scissor Happy (collaboration with Portsmouth based Fat Finger Films in post-production)

3. Dark Is A Long Way (collaboration with Provincials in pre-production will be shooting in Hampshire in 2015)

4. Pompeywood (working title for documentary about UK indies continues shooting throughout 2015)

5. The SUCCESS (working title for Simple Unexpected Credible Concrete Emotional Story Series in discussion phases)

6. Crooked Features HD 10 year commemorative re-release (re-mastered mockumentary shot in 2004 re-releasing for high-definition streaming formats very soon)

Deer Studios is the AirNinja movie method manifest. Compact, capable, keeping it simple, making movies, moving forward.

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