Monday, 29 December 2014

DeerCam1 Revision 2 - optimising iPhone microphone background noise reduction

Field testing DeerCam1 with the Griffin Survivor case revealed an audio anomaly that was attributed to the iPhone's excellent background noise reduction DSP being confused whilst encased in Griffin's excellent dust-resistant military grade protection. Whilst in the case the iPhone would record a 'clicking' or 'ticking' noise in the higher frequencies. Weird! Multiple tests across two devices confirms the Griffin case as the cause.

DeerCam1 / Anker Glaze Case / Shoulderpod S1 / Manfrotto Pixi
With shooting of 'Dark Is A Long Way' due to commence 17th January 2015, a new solution has to be found. The Griffin case had manual cut-outs applied which resolved the issue, but did not satisfy my OCD. If I have to have cut-outs, why not get a case that already has cut-outs?! But also a case with an integrated screen protector which (proven whilst shooting GAIN on 4S) helps continue shooting in bad weather and rain without needing somebody to hold an umbrella over the iPhone (somebody holding an umbrella = additional admin).

Currently field testing DeerCam1 suited up in the Anker Protective Case. This case has a generous cutout around the back camera and microphone and a cut-out for additional mics - this should allow for unfettered DSP whilst recording.

Generous cut-out around back camera and microphone

Port cut-out for side (noise cancellation matrix) microphone

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