Saturday, 17 January 2015

#DIALW Day One, DeerCam1

Today's DeerCam1 Camera Roll
A great day! Everyone worked really well together, and the results from DeerCam1 are great too. We were shooting for around three hours for a single scene without resting DeerCam1 and just before jacking in to dump the rushes I noticed it is still juiced at 71% after 44 takes. As usual the audio side of things surprises me. Although #DIALW is not relying on any sync sound, I was particularly impressed (again!) at how the onboard MEMS microphones performed - particularly when it picked up the crisp noise of the actress biting into a slice of apple from several feet away, and also general reproduction of voice, it all sounds good and authentic to my ear. Wind noise remains the achilles heel with no good way of suppressing it.

Tomorrow promises to be another day with a lighter workload, we are filming the opening scene at Spinney Hollow.

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