Wednesday, 4 February 2015

#DIALW Post Production Update

Going well. The iPhone production scratch sound recording holds up so well. If I did this all over again, I would have the strength in my conviction that the iPhone 6 Plus recorded audio is good enough to shout 'quiet on set' before each take.

The edit has been through three iterations so far -

Example of foley stage at Sony museum.
1. Rough assemble.
2. Fine cut.
3. Locked cut.

What we have remaining to do,

4. Black & white processing.
5. Looping / ADR (Automatic Dialogue Replacement or Additional Dialogue Recording depending who and when you ask).
6. Music.
7. Sound Effects / Foley.

An initial black-and-white look has been applied shot-by-shot to the locked cut. This will be reviewed by the director tomorrow when he drops by with the lead actress to re-record dialogue (ADR). This was always in the plan, as I say the intention has always been to shoot MOS and use whatever the iPhone records as reference.

So this morning I have to think through the setup for an ADR session tomorrow and render some loops. Although this is a Deer Studios production, the studios in question tend to be where the deer roam - that is, out in the forest (much like early movie studios were about large warehouse spaces and back lots rather than isolated audio booths). So front room it is.

The ADR playback will be from USB stick into a 50" LCD with headphones connected (I'd better check the screen has a headphone output) with pre-rendered loops of existing edited footage with reference sound. I'll record using my super-secret Sennheiser microphone onto SD card in my Nagra SD. Having slept on it, in keeping with the spirit of Airninja iPhonemania I shall be recording using iPhone 6 Plus, my favourite recording app du jour, and my favourite lightning enabled condenser microphone. Simple. Low admin. Airninja.

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