Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Mad For Flexible Foam Tripods

They are bendy and grip tighter than Gorillapods and that class of beaded leg derivatives. They are pretty tough (with a couple of exceptions - will post about that another time). They are highly versatile. Total airninja.

Best bit is, they are pretty cheap and can be had for a tenner or less if you look around. You can even buy in bulk from Alibaba.

Great for firmly attaching lightweight cameras to things - who needs a quick release?!

Firmly holds this type of Aputure LED lighting and has its own ball head for fine positioning.

All the models listed (Kitvision, Camlink, SilverCrest, Mudder) are around 27cm tall so not regular boring trialpods, but easy to stow and light as a feather. There's even some around rebranded as Polaroid.

In the right context on the right jobs they are just awesome so far.

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