Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Star Wars

Thanks to my own subjectivity, modern Star Wars can never be what I thought it is - my childhood, encapsulated along with memories of a very different time here on Earth.

Thanks to some real fans with the technical know-how and access to the required materials, it is possible for me to dip into that time in the present - but not with any substandard GOUT offering, but a lovingly created restoration of what Star Wars was when I saw it at the cinema. It's certainly not whatever is coming to iTunes this Friday which in my mind will just be another abomination to my tastes. Tastes defined by the art and craft behind 70s Star Wars. Similar dedication to art and craft demonstrated in the process of the Harmy restoration:

This video and the "Despecialized Edition" fan edits of the Star Wars original trilogy were made by the user known as "Harmy" on the forums. You may download this video featurette in its highest quality.

Star Wars Despecialized Edition is a work in progress, and is distributed at no cost to legal owners of the Star Wars Blu-ray Disks. Here's how to get Harmy's HD de-specialised Star Wars if the thought of the modernised version leaves you cold.

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