Friday, 1 May 2015

Airninja Finds MoJo

MoJo is a fairly new phenomena in the context of mobile smartphones (the phrase MoJo - Mobile Journalist - apparently originates from 2005 mobile video) - but it seems one that shares core values with the Airninja Movie Method. Certainly in my own filmmaking lately I have gravitated to video journalism methods on the FilmRaker series (ongoing).

The first MoJoCon was held this year, 27th March 2015.

So - finally - intelligent people who aren't afraid of change embracing modern technology to tell stories. MoJo. I'm not one for labelling things, but categories sure can help with describing what you do.

One thing established MoJos seem to say is how they are now in control and self-sufficient. Whilst I'm sure not everyone is comfortable taking their own lead, for the lone wolf wanting to tell stories I can't think of any better way today.

When you are in full control of your own work you inherit authenticity and accountability that cannot easily be manufactured or teflon-shouldered. The shocking result being that you may get more deposits in your Bank Of Trust.

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