Wednesday, 24 February 2016

UPDATE: Murphy's Lore

The development of my documentary around the late prolific Portsmouth filmmaker Michael J. Murphy takes another turn as the Merlin/Murlin/Murlyn portfolio becomes officially available on the internet.

It's made me realise that to truly do justice to his story I need to be more familiar with his body of work. Basically, that means watching it!

Before I interviewed Murphy I had watched bootleg copies of Death Run and Bloodstream and seen a few trailers. He'd also invited me over for a private screening of his last film entitled The Return of Alan Strange which I duly attended.

After he passed away I discovered that as well as a cult horror following some of his work has a peplum following too.

Whereas his horror stuff that I've seen to date reveals themes of cannibalism, satanic rituals and general low budget gore, the peplum productions are another side of his character I need to become better acquainted with.

The MURLYN INTERNATIONAL Youtube channel is being populated with Murphy's back catalogue.

So having said that, I have resolved to watch the remainder of his surviving filmography as it becomes available on his youtube channel over the coming weeks. I suspect I may start reviewing his work here on my blog, too. All in an effort to inform the sensitivity of the documentary I produce, which you may have guessed is consequently not going to get completed any time soon!

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