Monday, 25 August 2014

Apple Certified Training - Worth It?

Preparing to run my Apple, nay, iOS, centric business I looked into the value of taking official Apple training and certification in just hardware.

My conclusion?

Unless you want to be a slave to Apple, forget it. It reminds me of working with paper MCPs back in the day. A piece of paper guarantees nothing anywhere in the economic stack - an illusion of the highest order.

Additionally, since my business will be servicing and repairing out-of-warranty hardware and devices, the official certification (which concentrates on "keeping up to date") seems even more moot.

I'd rather be certified by iFixit or IEEE or ISO than Apple, frankly.

If you do want to do the Apple training you can purchase the AppleCare Technician Training module and then sign up with Pearson Vue to take the exam.

Good luck!

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