Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Then Again, Who Does?

The domain has been secured for 10 years.

Origami inspired mascot, Philip K. Deer
So what?

I was looking for free custom domain email hosting because, you know, startups don't have any money. And startup Deer Studios is the first movie studio to embrace the AirNinja Movie Method (exciting!)

It used to be that both Google and Microsoft would allow hosting of your own domain for email, free. No longer. And my domain registrar's basic level of free service, whilst robust and reliable, is not feature packed unless you wanna cough up.

Fortunately, my registrar has an easy to use DNS control panel and DuckDuckGo led me to Zoho for hosting email on the domain - for free. Awesome! Even more awesome was it all took less than one hour to have up and running.

So what? Zoho, that's what.

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