Monday, 19 January 2015

#DIALW Day Two, "god is a great gaffer"

As I prep for the 11.30am call time, I have the luxury to reflect on yesterday's shoot (which was day
2, today is day 3, so you see what is going on here right?).

The main setup and shot yesterday opens the film so it has to be engaging and set the tone for things to come. We finished up doing some cutaways and other drop-in exposition. All good.

What did I learn?

1. I don't think Hyperlapse is the tool for me - when I use it I always get pixel-judder which to my eye is more distracting than shooting wider with Kinomatic and conservatively steadying in FCPX. As it was, the opening shot is a judgement on how steady I am on my legs in wet slippery muddy conditions tracking backwards on a downwards gradient. Hey, I didn't fall over!

2. Pigs are more fun than bacon.

3. The Toyota iQ is not well suited to off-roading but, well, only a little bit fell off.

4. As Dennis Hopper once said, "God is a great gaffer". All natural light today.

5. Never make assumptions about how the set will look from an alternate angle when doubling as a different location. Always, you know, bother to take a look from each angle. It can actually save a bunch of worrying about nothing.

Don't get used to these updates. Things are about to get a whole lot more hectic the next few days.

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