Thursday, 12 February 2015

'Scissor Happy' Major Collaboration with Fat Finger Films and moakley54

Last night saw filming of the title sequence and final voice-over for 'Scissor Happy'. I was there representing Deer Studios in my capacity as sound recordist. We got some cracking footage and a silky smooth v/o. And a beer.
Chris Jupp, Mark Oakley and Phil Lyndon rehearse title sequence actions.

We were also able to review the final cut of the film and it's a really well-paced dark comedy.

Hat tip to Mark Oakley for a great edit.

It does however need some serious work on M&E (music and effects) which is where I come in. I'll be working with director Chris Jupp of Fat Finger Films over the coming weeks to nail the foley, spot effects and any music cues.

No doubt I'll also have an opinion on the final mixdown.

This project will continue to be a lot of fun, though will no doubt need a solid few days to complete the post-production sound. This is planned to happen after next week - which gives me plenty of time to continue working on another major Deer Studios project - Seb Hunter's 'Dark Is A Long Way'.

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